Say Hello to The Era of Smart Recruitment!

Trabaajo, is the world's first AI enabled Algorithm that automates the entire HR Department, thus helping the end users perform their tasks at their best through their devices

One stop solution to automate the all Core and Auxiliary Functions of the HR Departments. One Size fits all approach to companies of all sizes, geographies and domains. Robust algorithm that not just analyses but also suggests and reasons.

Robust Algorithms that not just function like a traditional HRMS or HCM but is capable of managing the HR P&L.

A virtual assistant that talks to its users and is capable of understanding what is the real problem, how they feel, the emotions and suggest basis their inputs.

Role Based Custom Dashboard where everything is a click away or in our words, a simple ask away

AskTrabaajo- the real-time virtual assistant aims to empower the HR industry, automating HR process across all levels of the HR functions, enabling users to perfectly manage their departments, tasks and seek new opportunities.
Asktrabaajo will soon be the worlds only and largest real time database of every employee across all domains geographies and positions and every employee looking for a job.
AskTrabaajo as an AI powered algorithm that not just automates tasks but also runs across its huge databases and finds the right job match both for companies and job seekers.
AskTrabaajo has APIs that can integrate with your existing solutions.
Sure , assessment tests can be customized job wise.
AskTrabaajo has an inbuilt candidate assessment for candidates and job wise assessment tests can also be set.
Enabling the HR department to seamlessly carry out hiring and training functions through an AI enabled application, reducing 200% cost of hiring, 70% of attrition rate and 100% of time spent for hiring
No need of software installations. AskTrabaajo can be accessed through web and mobile native apps
There is a mobile app available for all types of users both in App store and Google Play.
AskTrabaajo is a global service available in all major countries around the globe.
Number of interviews is not limited. HRs can conduct as many interviews as they want for the applied candidates
For video interviews , a webcam or a inbuilt front facing camera is necessary.
Candidates can attend the test configured for the particular applied job whenever they want.
HRs and candidates can reschedule the interview 2 times each.
You can rejoin the interview and your status will be set only by the HR. Please try contacting the HR with the inbuilt inmail system.
Try placing your webcam so that it covers till your neck.
You cannot pause a video interview as they are live video conferencing sessions
We store all are data in encrypted storages and databases. Also Trabaajo is GDPR compliance software.