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Introducing the first ever smart recruiting application, that allows you to truly unleash the power of a thought. Bringing your dream jobs to your smartphone. Join the revolution #ihaveasmartphone !

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Trabaajo is the first artificially intelligent machine to understand, learn and emphasize like a human. Trabaajo speaks and reads 15+ languages. Trabaajo will revolutionize worldwide HR industry.


Manage Biases

Biases are prevalent in almost every workplace. It significantly impacts recruitment, promotions, retention and evaluations, sometimes leading to lose important team members and affecting Organizational growth. Thus, to reduce and manage such threats, Trabaajo with its advanced AI capability can provide rational and analytical solutions to Organizations.

Reduce Complexity

Managing tasks manually can be challenging. With exceptional tech ability, Trabaajo as an enterprise solution resolves complexities. Thus, increasing efficiency and management, Trabaajo empowers HR’s and the department to conveniently connect and cross function with real time updates. In turn, increasing competency in overall Organization functioning.


Optimize Cost and Time

Automation of HR department can ease out various activities for the day and enable time effective responses. It also assures better and flawless engagement across departments. Thus, optimizing time and saving cost under one automated platform.

Increased Cohesion

Trabaajo’s analytical and innovative AI solutions offer better engagement with aligned metrics. It enables departments to connect equally and provide corresponding updates for all departments at regular intervals at the same time. Trabaajo’s efficient mechanisms help develop a symmetrical approach for Organizational growth.


On the go Updates

The digital transformations have enabled HR process to be more automated ,thus offering convenience, technology-driven HR platforms provide candidates with more job opportunities, the better application process, augmented interaction, and real-time updates.

Seeping Interfaces

Trabaajo offers seamless connectivity and ubiquity of work. Candidates can pick their task from where they left on one screen and wrap it up further with the cloud services of Trabaajo.


Mentored Career Program

Trabaajo provides complete career guidance and program details for candidates, enabling them to stay informed by offering information which is both general and specific.

Omni Channel Suitability

Trabaajo offers unlimited sources even with your limited profile. Just curate your profile and the suitable matches are limitless. A job market with unending scope of opportunities, Trabaajo with its dynamic crawlers offers jobs across all domains, positions and geographies.


Educational Institutions

Trabaajo partners with Educational Institutions to provide career opportunities to students.

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